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Summer 2017

Teen and Adult Modern Dance
Instructor: Tom Evert                                      
When:  Wednesdays 6 - 7:15 PM      
Session begins: Will resume in Fall TBA
Class will be tailored to the skills and interests of the students, with performances in mind. Students will have the opportunity to choreograph routines together. Dance experience required.

New students always welcome!
Fee: $99/Session of 10 classes     
Room 241
Register here:
Fall 2017

For more information: (216) 289-8578

Leneghan Academy of Irish Dance

Instructor: Catherine Leneghan

Late June to Early August


4:45-5:30p  Beginner I and II soft shoe

5:30-6:15p  B II/Novice hard shoe

6:15-7:00p  Ady B2-Novice Shoft Shoe

7:00-8:00p  PW/Champs Hard Shoe-slow speed only-12+

8:00-8:45p  PW thu Champs Soft shoe


For info and to register visit  

The Cypher: An Intro to Popping
A Workshop on HipHop Culture, History and the Dance Genre Known as Popping
Led by 10K and Atlas of AYYEDEESMM
Saturday, August 19, 11:00am-2:00pm
in the Shore Auditorium
Registration: $15 
Ages: 13+
Register HERE

Chicago Steppin’ with Steppin' to Wellness
Instructor: Marvin and Towanna Menifee and Clayton    Cox 
When: Wednesdays 7 - 8:45 PM

Learn basic steps in the Chicago Steppin’ dance style. Participants should wear leather-soled shoes, women with a 2-inch heel. Registration not required, but contact instructor for schedule.

Ages 15+
Fee: $7/class
Room 258

For more information: (216) 376-2858

Traditional West African Dance
Summer Session:  May 30-August 22

Instructor:  Tam Tam Magic (Tanya Robinson)
When: Tuesdays 6 – 7:15 PM

Increase physical activity while learning traditional dance movements and choreography. Pre-registration is required; contact instructor.

Ages 15+
Fee: $5/class
Room 258

For more information: (216) 337-5606 or
 2nd Semester Ballet and Tap       
Instructor: Mrs. Bea                                  
When:  Saturdays 1-3pm      
No experience rerquired.   Classes, also, available for experienced dancers.  Students are grouped by age and experience.  There is a performance presented by the students at the end of the semester.
New students always welcome!
Ages 3 and up                                                                
Fee: $10/Session  
Room 258
For more information call Mrs. Bea: (216) 926-4189   

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